Recently I was in Yoga around about posture 16 in the series of 26 that is Bikram and I looked at my self in the mirror (as is the practice) and something hit me. I was fine. There in the 105 degree room sweaty, disheveled and literally a hot mess I actually felt good, I … Continue reading Unbroken

Shifting Body Types Through the Ages

Every era has its body type, and ironically, like hemlines they can change radically in short periods of time. Just think about how quickly we went from buxom bombshell supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell (who was not all that big but womanly and curvy) to the short and waif like Kate Moss who … Continue reading Shifting Body Types Through the Ages

Demi Lovato Fires Back at Haters!

  Demi Lovato presented at the VMA’s and apparently there were a number of Tweeters that had something to say about her weight. Well for those of you who don’t recall, Lovato is just making her reentry into the spotlight after seeking treatment for her eating disorder. So it seems to me a bit insensitive … Continue reading Demi Lovato Fires Back at Haters!

Reflections of the Week!

Jane Fonda Fabulous at 73 but opens up about her struggle with body image The Problem is not in you Body but in Your Head *dancers tip “Sexy” 10 year old model raises eyebrows and concerns Myths behind Water Kelly Osborne/Christina Aguilera Weight War of Words Thandie Newton’s inspirational Speech on Otherness and The Self … Continue reading Reflections of the Week!

Chronic Pain and Body Image- Body Hero Lynne Greenberg

As a work my way through Lynne Greenberg’s The Body Broken I can’t help trying to put myself in her position. She describes with great detail (and little emotion – which helps- believe me) some of the painful procedures she endured in an effort to quell her pain without result. We are talking about NUMEROUS … Continue reading Chronic Pain and Body Image- Body Hero Lynne Greenberg